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Lesley KayBSc (Hons) MPA CPFA
Founder and Director

There is nothing I enjoy more than sharing information and witnessing the moments people start to understand the significance of finance on their lives, or in the workplace. Finance is daunting for some but, as with anything of its nature, confidence is important to conquer it.

I have worked for a number of companies across various organisational types, on both an employed or consultancy basis.  Consequently, as a long-established and respected professional, I have a wealth of experience in this area.

My commitment to developing people stems from my own background and taking all my studies as a mature student. This means I genuinely understand what it can feel like to work through what seems to be a fog with finance. I truly appreciate why people struggle and I enjoy supporting them through it. As a result of my own background, I ensure that our colleagues are rigorously trained to the highest standards and benefit from on-going continuous professional development and support.

Charity sector

I’ve supported charities throughout my life and believe they are invaluable to communities. I always enjoy making a difference with and through them.  Having been a treasurer for various charities I understand the importance of fundraising.  At a time when so many charities are strapped for cash, it’s essential to maximise income and use of funds. This is where my experience and guidance can play a key role in saving you money.

Credit Unions

Credit unions combine my interest in the third sector together with my financial knowledge and experience. I use this knowledge to promote partnership working and I am currently working with various community groups to help stimulate positive financial habits. My colleagues all contribute to their own savings through payroll deductions and I assist and encourage other organisations to do the same. I passionately believe that everyone should be a member of a credit union, either for their own financial needs, or as part of their personal social responsibility, by facilitating affordable and responsible lending within their community.

The challenges faced when working with credit unions rather than charities are different, due largely to the rigorous rules and regulations that come with financial institution status.

Public sector

Having trained in accountancy to work in all types of public sector organisations, I have a real eye for how to make a difference here – there are many links and similarities amid different branches of the public sector and knowing how to deal with these, as well as understanding the differences, helps me save organisations a considerable amount of time and money.

I am a proud member of:

Member of CIPFA - The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy

FSB - Experts in Business

4Networking - Business made easier

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