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Providing financial clarity and direction

Parallax Consultancy Ltd brings financial clarity, stability and focus.

Whatever level of financial and accounting support you need for your business, charity or organisation, our expert team here at Parallax Consultancy can help.

Our key areas of responsibility include:

Our key areas of responsibility include:

Accountancy support

We can undertake the full range of accountancy services on your behalf, including:
Payroll | Bookkeeping | Accounts production | VAT | Tax returns | Financial services

As approved agents for HMRC, we can guarantee your tax returns and end-of-year accounts will be filed accurately and efficiently, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Business planning

We can work closely with you to set targets, create a working business plan that is realistic and achievable, measure your progress and ensure you realise your goals.

This includes helping you structure your financial systems, make commercial decisions that are financially beneficial, and establish procedures.

Management accounting and accounting for decision making

Maintaining management accounts that monitor budget effectively can provide invaluable information to help you make better decisions, identify potential problem areas and plan for a more profitable future.

We have developed and implemented effective budget monitoring systems in large and small organisations, improving the financial control and decision making processes.

Financial transformation

An organisation can be transformed through effective cost evaluation, identifying potential savings and re-shaping services to maximise profits.

As part of short, medium or long-term financial planning, we can help you identify changes that will positively impact your bottom line.


Particularly relevant for charities and not-for-profit organisations, we can help ensure your rules are accurate and fit for purpose.

Governance arrangements can often be out of date. We support organisations through a consultative process in reviewing, revising and implementing workable solutions.

Financial Training

One of our key strengths is in helping managers understand how decisions and procedures influence finances. By improving awareness of this relationship between operations and profits, we help managers make informed and economically sound choices.

Our practical financial training and coaching can also be tailored to specific members of staff within an organisation who are part of the operational finance structure.

Public sector project support

Our work within government sectors has been varied and complex. We have worked within large and small public sector organisations and our expertise has often been called upon to support very specific projects.

We have worked as interim managers or head of finance, covering short term absences. Other projects have included assisting with closedown, implementing new financial systems, developing reporting systems, and helping to resolve problems where there have been unfavourable audit reports which need addressing.

Bespoke software development

To improve your financial performance, we can develop bespoke software systems tailored to your organisation.
They can help with effective monitoring and measuring – arming you with the facts you need to make significant improvements, plan effectively and develop your business.

We have designed several bespoke and customised systems for clients from different industries, helping them achieve specific goals.
We’re also proud to have recently launched a new time saving software that will benefit larger companies and organisations called MonTi.

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