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Providing financial clarity and direction

Established in 2008, Parallax helps organisations navigate their way through the legal financial maze.

Finance can be a huge cause of anxiety when setting up or managing a business. It’s always been our goal to help reduce those stresses so that you can focus on doing the work that you love.  Money matters, but it shouldn’t be a struggle to manage.

Where we differentiate ourselves from other accountancy firms is through our commitment to empowering business managers – supporting them in becoming more confident and autonomous in their businesses financial management.

We are experts in simplifying business finances and showing clients how straightforward money management within an organisation can be.  This is why we say we bring clarity, and help you take control and prosper into the future.

Our job satisfaction comes, not only from balancing books and knowing we have helped a company comply with their financial responsibilities, but witnessing the transformation in our clients.  By giving managers the tools and confidence to fully understand and take hold of budget control, we see them progress from a state of uncertainty and fear to one of understanding and self-assurance.

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Does a new business need an accountant?

It can be very tempting to answer this question with a ‘no.’ If you’re an ambitious new business owner determined to be successful and keep a firm hold of your profits, then spending your hard-won cash on an accountant from the start may not seem the best idea. Maybe you have friends or family who

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Partnering with credit unions

Is there more room for partnership working to facilitate an improvement to the financial inclusion agenda? The Welsh Government promoted credit unions with strong advertising campaigns and asked organisations to partner with them, but no such political activity has been as strongly evident in England where membership levels in credit unions are still lower than

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