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As restrictions are lifted and we slowly emerge from lockdown we would be naïve to think that everything will go back to being just as it was.

Local business owners have been through the most disruptive and damaging period that they will probably ever face. Now they have the mammoth task of picking up the pieces and trying to forge a future.

It’s a daunting task, but one that we can all help make a little easier.

There are many ways we can help support independent local business and help them back on their feet in the post-Covid world. Here are just five:

Shop local, eat out or use takeaways

It goes without saying, but the best way to support local businesses in the first instance is by using them. Take a walk down your local high street and see what’s on offer. If the shops aren’t open yet, see if they have an online service. Order a takeaway from your local restaurant or pub. And when they are open again, pop in for a browse or a meal. Sometimes we don’t know what’s right under our noses and we can find hidden gems of shops and businesses offering just what we need on our doorsteps. Before you jump online or head to the big supermarket, stop and think, can I get this locally?

Word of mouth

If you’ve found a local business that has impressed you – spread the word. Talk to your friends and colleagues about a service or product you have particularly valued, or somewhere where customer service is second to none. Recommendations in this way are incredibly valuable. Your contacts will trust your opinion and your local business may well gain a new customer.

Leave an online review

Most small businesses have an online presence and a facility to leave reviews. If they have done something to impress you, tell others about it in writing. As above, it might be a top-quality product or just that service with a smile. Whatever it is, a few minutes of your time jotting down some words of appreciation may make all the difference to the business and to customers trying to make up their mind about where to spend their money.

Like, share and interact with social media content

Most small businesses also have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. They may post about new products or special offers or they may just want to let people know that they are open again. Give their posts a like and a share. A comment will also go down well. It’s a quick and easy way of increasing the business’s visibility. Even just a handful of comments mean the business will have come to the attention of hundreds or even thousands of new potential customers.

Get those odd jobs done

It’s not just shops and businesses that will be looking to get back on their feet. Local tradespeople may have experienced a downturn in trade over lockdown – or they could have been busier than usual and are now looking to expand. Either way, they still need our help and support. Search social media for tradespeople that are local to you and get some quotes for all those odd jobs you may have been putting off. If they do them well, leave a review. Everyone’s a winner.

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