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Providing financial clarity and direction

However your finances have fared during the pandemic, we have a wealth of expertise to share to help you prosper.

We can advise on funding from regional, national and European sources that’s earmarked for business growth and development.

That means we can also help you understand how particular funding can be relevant to your own specific circumstances and challenges.

And if necessary, we can support you in identifying how you can diversify to meet new client demand in different sectors.

Cash flow forecasts

These are more important than ever. We can help you determine how a change in sales activity may impact outgoings and plan for all eventualities. We can monitor profitability, a potential drop in sales and its effect on the business.

Cashflow is at the core of any profitable business. It can be a worry at any time but it has inevitably grown into a more stressful element due to Covid-19.

The tools we provide to our clients can include cashflow forecasting and we guide them through its use. We have helped our clients over the years with cashflow and one of our recent successes includes a client who came to us with both business and personal debts and after a couple of years working with them, they have been able to clear their debts and demonstrate income and affordability to secure a mortgage and get a mainstream loan to purchase a car.

Considering different ways of working

Do you need to change your business model? Have you considered home or online delivery or carrying out your services in a new way? Can some business tasks be streamlined to save you money?

Much of our processes are online which means that everything is up to date and clients know where their records are and we teach you what they mean. By offering our services remotely and given them the confidence to use modern accounting technologies confidently, we have inspired clients to do the same and embrace technological solutions in their own businesses where practical. For example, one of our cleaning companies now does remote pricing estimates through the use of technology.

Renegotiating payment terms

We can help you identify ways of buying time – from getting refunds on some insurances to negotiating new payment terms with your bank.

We are experts in financial inclusion and don’t get shocked or judge people for situations they find themselves in. We love helping people gain financial security and don’t see our accountancy services stopping at their business, because it’s the whole financial picture that sometimes needs support. Sometimes it can be time-consuming to help people understand the interaction between their business and personal expenditure, but it’s well worth the effort when people can feel they can hold their head high when they are in control of their finances.

Collaboration and networking

There are a lot of so-called experts out there who will say that they can help you in all sorts of ways. We have a wide network of clients and trusted advisers. We can make introductions and help you forge partnerships to bring genuine value.

Many of our clients in the Parallax family work together. Where we have introduced like-minded businesses, they have sometimes formed other partnerships complementing what they do. An example is healthcare workers who have a shared passion for specific areas have set up their own community Interest corporation to help others. Some of my clients work together on an ad-hoc basis when they are in the same industry to help each other.

Rigorous planning

Right now, it may be that your business is in ‘crisis’ mode. We can help you plan for the future to get on a more even footing and even build up reserves.

We help companies by encouraging them to use the financial information they have in the software we provide to budget for the future. Some say that business planning is important, but life planning is more so, and the business is a tool for that. If we can help our clients see the potential in their business, they can forge the potential in enabling them to obtain their life goals. Then the choice in what they do with that is theirs.

For more information or advice, simply give us a call on 0161 341 0368 or email info@parallax-consultancy.co.uk. You can also contact us using the form on our website.

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