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Research shows that having pets in the office can reduce stress and raise productivity.

We certainly agree, which is why we have three four-legged friends in the office. Bella and Cleo are mum and daughter golden retrievers and MiuMiu is our tabby cat.

For our clients who do like dogs, Bella and Cleo are on hand to offer some ‘dog therapy’, although they will probably enjoy it just as much as you.

MiuMiu is our little office helper who likes to chase the paper in the printer when it’s printing double sided. Her tail is very short as she recently had to have half of it amputated after an accident, but she is coping just fine.

As of 2016 8% of employees in the UK  took their dogs to work and even more companies are opening their eyes to the benefits. Nestle, who own the dog food brand Purina, opened their doors to employee’s dogs way back in 2015. Staff can put their dogs through a three-step ‘pawthorisation’ process, before they are allowed in the office along with their own ‘passpawt’.

We know more people must be working alongside their canine friends as many of us are working from home under the current circumstances. In mid-June of 2020 38% of us were working from home and we know some of our pets were very happy about it.

Dogs lower stress

American psychologist Stephen Colarelli explains that there are three main benefits for pets in the workplace. Firstly dogs lower stress, and therefore carry health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and heart rates. Secondly, the mere presence of a furry friend means people are perceived as more friendly and approachable, as well as dogs providing an initial ‘ice breaker’ for new clients. And lastly our four-legged friends increase group cohesion and camaraderie therefore having a positive effect on teamwork.

All of these advantages have a positive impact on morale and consequently on productivity too.

However, there are steps that need to be taken before you introduce animals into a formal setting like checking that no one is allergic, pet proofing the office and making sure their vaccination records are up to date.

Pets in the workplace for too long have been thought of as exclusively benefiting staff, but recent studies have presented evidence that employees can no longer ignore, when dogs or cats are present we’re all happy!

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