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Providing financial clarity and direction

Our work within government sectors has been varied and complex. We have worked within large and small public sector organisations and our expertise has often been called upon to support very specific projects.

The challenges facing central and local government organisations are always how to cut costs and make sure the information provided to decision makers is both timely and relevant. The complexity of government accounting often makes that difficult, so our modelling skills and experience are invaluable in developing efficient systems.

We have worked as interim managers or head of finance, covering short term absences. Other projects have included assisting with closedown, implementing new financial systems, developing reporting systems, and helping to resolve problems where there have been unfavourable audit reports which need addressing.

In every case, it is our custom to analyse the work required and present a schedule of work for the client to agree, based on realistic time and resource cost estimates.

Working in the public sector makes direct use of our professional and academic knowledge. Some of our work in the Central Government sectors has been with our primary accountancy body CIPFA in implementing their financial model. Our bespoke information modelling compliments the CIPFA FM model in the analysis of the electronic survey and has been widely used by CIPFA in their comprehensive Central Government roll-out.

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